Plant Gallery

Get inspired by the magnificent range of Victorian flora with these gorgeous photographs taken by Colleen Miller who is the Coordinator at the Western Melbourne Catchments Management Network.

Below is a selection of photos we’ve taken in our nature corridor.

Flowers in Spring

20140910 Flowers Tufted Bluebell20140910 Flowers Austral Stork's Bill20140910 Flowers Common Everlasting20140910 Flowers Inland Pig Face   20140910 Flowers Basalt Daisy

Identification (Photo) Guides

The following printable flyers will help you identify the plants when you’re next in the garden.

Austral Stork’s Bill (PDF)

basalt daisy (PDF)

Berry (Creeping) Saltbush (PDF)

Clustered Wallaby Grass (PDF)

Common Everlasting (PDF)

Grey Tussock Grass (PDF)

Inland Pigface (PDF)

Kangaroo grass (PDF)

Milky Beauty –Heads (PDF)

Nodding Saltbush (PDF)

Rounded noonflower – Disphyma crassifolium (PDF)

Ruby (Barrier) Salt-bush (PDF)

Spreading flax lily (PDF)

tufted bluebell (PDF)

Wild Mint (PDF)


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