Street trees

Street trees provide cooling shade and make our urban environment more beautiful. Street trees and nature strips go together – if you have a tree you’re complementing it with indigenous grasses and groundcovers. If you don’t have one, this guide can help you choose and plant the right one.

Moreland Council runs a street tree program so contact them to find out about when planting is due in your area. If you can’t wait, then keep reading ….

Moreland Council has a Street Tree Planting Plan and Urban Forest Strategy including a Street Tree Species List.

The following list trees are identified to be indigenous to Moreland and suitable street trees, as stated in the Urban Forest Strategy, and are available from VINC.

Small trees 6-12m VINC (Council small <8m)
Acacia implexa, “Lightwood” (PDF Acacia implexa)

Medium trees 12-15m (Council medium 8-15m)
Eucalyptus polyanthemos, “Red box” (PDF Eucalyptus polyanthemos)

Large trees >25m (Council large >15m)
Eucalyptus melliodora, “Yellow box” (PDF Eucalyptus melliodora)

Contact us to inquire about purchasing trees at VINC member rates or as part of one of our bulk-buys.

Follow Council’s planting and maintenance guide and we hope you’ll have years of trouble-free enjoyment watching your tree mature.