Always consider your safety when gardening along a road. Consider this advice:

  • Wear high visibility vests at ALL times.
  • Know the worksite, traffic flow layout.
  • Look before crossing any roads, tracks or access roads.
  • Be aware of traffic noise, warning devices, beepers, buzzers etc.
  • Don’t anticipate drivers slowing down or sighting work operations.
  • Stand well back out of line of travel, where possible, when directing traffic.
  • Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, including sunscreen.
  • Don’t work alone.
  • Stop walking or working whilst using a mobile phone.
  • Delineate parking areas and pedestrian walkways.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)
We want this to be a safe and fun filled activity for all. Please ensure you have read and are familiar with the Safety Procedures outlined below:

Step 1: Carry out site inspection to identify any potential dangers (ie Pipes under the ground). Talk about any hazard or dangers around the site. Come up with ways to reduce the hazard or risk.
Step 2: Undertake a warm up and cool down stretch with all participants. Demonstrate and undertake stretches for 3 min for each time.
Step 3:  Have the right clothing and foot wear (ie enclosed foot wear and long shirt and long pants).
Step 4: Ensure that all participants have the correct personal protective equipment (i.e safety vest, gloves, eyewear).  Note: The weather could be hot or cold. You will need jumper, hat, sunscreen 30+, water bottle, drinking water, sun glasses and some food.
Step 5: Demonstrate how to use hand tools correctly for every task, ensure that people rotate between the tasks to avoid repetitive strain and prevent injury.