Planting technique

Planting Technique

  • Step 1: For each plant push the mulch back to expose the card board or weed mat. This is the place where the plant will be planted.
  • Step 2: Nominate a responsible person to cut holes in the cardboard or weed mat, big enough for the plant to go in.
  • Step 3: Dig a hole using hand pick (trowel), the hole needs to be approximately 13cm deep.
  • Step 4: You might want to add some potting mix if you want to protect the plant in and give it a good start in harsh Brunswick ‘ground’.
  • Step 5: Water the hole and when the water has soaked in, add water crystals (do not over fill) – optional.
  • Step 6: Carefully tap your plant out of the pot, maintaining the roots. Plant your plant and fill the hole with soil. Make sure the roots are covered. Don’t press down too hard to allow the water to filter through.
  • Step 7: Water the plant again.
  • Step 8: Mulch around the plant, making sure that plant itself is free of mulch.