Plant list

The following native plants are recommended for use in nature strips because they:

  • are perfectly adapted to the local climate
  • are very hardy and can generally tolerate being stepped on, dogs and other urban encounters
  • attract indigenous insects and birds
  • are 50cm high or less and do not present a hazard to pedestrians or reduce visibility

20160824 plants4naturestrips – list of all plants with botanical and Aboriginal names, description, growth, habitat, propagation technique, ecology, allergy potential, uses, pollination and resilience to foot traffic.

Plant identification sheets

* avoid areas where there is foot traffic as these are softer plants that prefer not to be stepped on

^ avoid areas that pedestrians may walk over as these are taller plants (up to 50cm when flowering)

If these exact plants are not available, some can be substituted with other varieties – the poa (grass) and dianella (flax lily) for example. Speak to your nursery staff member and make sure you mention that it’s for planting into a nature strip.

Other plants to consider

You can also consider the following plants (not on our approved list) which are indigenous and available from VINC.