Planting Guide

An easy, step-by-step guide to transforming your nature strip into an indigenous garden. Contact us at any stage for advice, guidance and help.

1. Planning & preparation

You should make sure you are familiar with Moreland Council’s Nature Strip advice and guidelines. We have prepared a Nature Strip Improvement Proposal template to help you prepare and submit your plan to Council for approval.

The best time to prepare your nature strip is spring and the best time to plant is autumn. Planning ahead will reduce your work and get the best result.

Before planting, you should remove any existing grass and weeds. The easiest way to do that is using a biodegradable weed mat, such as Weed Gunnel. Leave the weed mat for a few months (minimum 2) so the weeds start to die back, and make cuts into it for planting.

Select your plants with help from our handy guides and the Victorian Indigenous Nursery Cooperative. Refer to the Moreland Council Nature Strip advice and guidelines for a useful guide to planting densities (number of plants per square metre).

2. Planting

In autumn, when the grass and weeds are dead, it’s time to plant. Purchase the recommended plants from the Victorian Indigenous Nursery Cooperative or from us. Contact us for details about using our membership for discounts at VINC.

Ensure you have a good supply of newspaper and/or cardboard to use as weed mat (if you are not planting into weed mat already). Collect free Council mulch from the depot at South Street, Hadfield.

When working by the roadside, consider your safety at all times.

Here is a suggested planting technique. Water well.

3. Maintenance

We suggest hand watering the plants once a week for the first 4 weeks after planting (if you’re planting during warmer months, you will need more watering accordingly).

Remove any rubbish from the nature strip. Plants can act like a ‘litter trap’ so be prepared to collect litter regularly.

Hand weed from the nature strip for the next 12 months. Poisoning is not recommended. Even with a high weed coverage many of the plants are living happily underneath. Only hand weeding can uncover the plants.