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Brunswick Communities for Nature is a group of volunteer locals helping to convert grassed nature strips and any green open space, into native gardens, to create a biodiversity corridor from Merri Creek to Moonee Ponds Creek.

We’re upgrading the nature strips through “Nature Strip Blitzes“, propagating plants, selling plants at cost prices, contributing to consultations on council policies, supporting local planting groups and providing advice on converting or upgrading your nature strip too.


We are appreciative of Moreland City Council’s and Australian Energy Foundation’s (formerly Moreland Energy Foundation) support through a quick response grant and everyone who has been involved in our weeding bees!

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of the land and  respectfully recognise Elders past, present and future.

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  1. Eric says:

    Do you have a plan to deal with disaster weeds like needle grass?


    1. We help people weed where we can, and have some info about common local weeds. https://brunswickc4n.wordpress.com/4-guide/weeds/


  2. Clare says:

    Hi Mel

    Jol and Clare here, we met you near coffee shop today Sunday 28 Aprill and wish to buy the following

    ? kangaroo grass
    15 d wallaby grass
    5 x Poa

    Unfortunately I didn’t get back in time with cash to purchase but please can I arrange this today if possible? I can come to you with cash and also have pots/tubes to give you.

    Thanks Mel



    1. Sorry, have had trouble accessing these messages. Best way to get us is via Facebook. We do orders all year round (different things available obviously) but next big sale is Sydney Rd festival.


  3. Margaret says:

    Inquiring how to get involved. Just moved to Brunswick, have a concrete nature strip.


    1. If you have a street tree space then you can plant some indigenous plants in there. Some neighbours take over kerb extensions or centre medians too.


  4. Trevor Blake says:

    Your doing great work.
    You may be interested in my native nature strip – planted for butterflies & it has a wow factor. Check it out 128 Emmaline St Northcote , not far from CERES.
    Cheers Trevor


    1. Thanks will swing by if possible!


  5. phillip ward says:

    hello I bought some plants from your group over the weekend . Iam completing a horticulture cert and have decided to join this group if possible as my reveg study assessment. could you please direct me to info like , how old is the group? how is it managed? and how the materials are funded
    My partner and I are also guerrilla gardeners and would love to be involved in putting indigenous plants back into our area.


    1. Hi, we are a small local group and our goal is to help people revegetate their nature strip. The plants and advice we dispense is also suitable for gardens and any green open space. Our next activity will be a propagation session to get plants ready for autumn and the Sydney Rd festival. We have no membership or structure, just agree to grow plants and run activities. Come anytime.


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